If you need any sound captured we can help.  From single voice tracks to a full scale orchestral multi-track recording with every bell and whistle you can imagine, we will deliver the highest quality recording that fits your budget.

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Guide To The Smithsonian

“The recording is also very robust. It is a full sound but well terraced. The brass and woodwind, placed slightly at a distance, are never slow in coming forward (a posse of full-throated bassoons leading the way); yet internal balances are always clear,”   -Gramophone

“Perfection. There, I said it. These recordings are not just good; they are “No way, unbelievable, our lady of tonal purity is with us. Glory Hallelujah!” good. Get this: better than vinyl good. “   -Dave Mallette

with depth of tone and wide dynamic range, and the live performance recording sounds really first-rate... this is really a flawless release”. --Leslie Gerber

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Sound Recording and Delivery