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Guide to the Smithsonian                       

An overview of the vast world of art, history, science, technology, and feats of human achievement housed within the museums of the Smithsonian Institution.  An introductory guide for visitors designed to inform , orient, and enhance appreciation. 

People and Pianos: 300 Years                           

A commemoration of the 300-year history of the piano, its technological evolution, and the craft persons and master musicians who shaped its sound. 

The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra      

Promotional video showcasing performances by the Smithsonian’s big band jazz orchestra. 


Piano 300                                                                    

A delightful collage of Hollywood clips and vintage performances by well-known greats to cap off an exhibit marking the 300th anniversary of the piano.

Produced for the Smithsonian American History Museum

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle


Produced for the Smithsonian Visitor Information Center


Produced by Smithsonian Productions/Maryland Public Television/Euro Arts

Screenings: PBS premiere December 2001, and internationally

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle


Produced for the Smithsonian America’s Jazz Heritage Project


The Mississippi; River of Song   

A four-part television and seven-part radio documentary series profiling the sweep of music and culture that flourish along the banks of the Mississippi River, from its headwaters in Minnesota, through America’s heartland down to New Orleans.

Produced by Filmmaker’s Collaborative/Smithsonian Productions

Screenings: PBS premiere, 1999

Home Video Distributed by: Acorn Media/PRI, Public Radio International

Radio documentary awarded George Foster Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting

Soundtrack Recording Distributed by: Folkways Recordings


Woody Guthrie: Legacy                  

An exploration of the spirit of American folk singer Woody Guthrie as it resonates in contemporary  musicians Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Wilco, and others. 



Produced for the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service

Awards: American Association of Museums Silver MUSE Award; Finalist, New York Festivals; Gold CINDY Award; CINE Golden Eagle


Piano Grand! A Smithsonian Celebration  

Gala television performance special celebrating the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano, starring: Billy Joel, Diana Krall, Dave Brubeck, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Jerry Lee Lewis, Marcus Roberts, and others.


Produced by Smithsonian Productions/Maryland Public Television/Euro Arts International

Screenings: Aired nationally on PBS, and worldwide on NHK, BBC, & others

DVD & Soundtrack Recording Distributed by: Columbia Records/Home Video

Awards: Gold “Astrolabium” Award (for excellence in high definition programming), International Electronic Cinema Festival (“Montreaux”).


Remembering Slavery                  

The first person accounts of former slaves who survived to tell their stories. Narrated by Tonea Stweart and including dramatic readings by James Earl Jones, Louis Gossett Jr., Debbie Allen, Ester Rolle and others.

Produced by Smithsonian Productions/National Endowment for the Humanities/Corporation for Public Broadcasting/Southern Humanities Media Fund/Alabama Humanities Foundation. Distributed by PRI, Public Radio International. Award  Gabriel Award Gold Medal


Jazz Singers

Radio documentary series hosted

by singer Al Jarreau.  The series explored the history, cultural significance and current status of jazz singing.

Produced by Smithsonian Productions, distributed by PRI, Public Radio International


Jazz Smithsonian,

Lena Horne hosted featuring performances by the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra.

“Memphis: Cradle of Rock ‘n’ Soul”

tells the story of musical pioneers who, for the love of music, overcame racial and socio-economic barriers to create the music that shook the entire world. Hosted by Cybll Shepherd and Honeymoon Gardner.  Features rare interviews with musicians Carl Perkins, Rufus Thomas, Al Green, Otis Redding, B.B.King and many others.

Produced by Smithsonian Productions. Distributed by PRI, Public Radio International

Awared 2001 New York Festivals  Gold WorldMedal

"The Jazz Singers: A Smithsonian Collection of Jazz Vocals From 1919 to 1994" (Various Artists) (Smithsonian Collection Of Recordings)

Grammy Nomination for  Historical Album, 1999

Jazz Profiles

An in-depth look at the greatest performers who have influenced the history of jazz. Presented by host Nancy Wilson.

Listening to the Prairie: Farming in Nature's Image

North American prairie and progressive farmers who use farming methods that preserve their environment are spotlighted in "," a national traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Museum featured at the Museum of Natural History

Within These Walls...

tells the stories of five families who lived in this house over 200 years and made history in their kitchens and parlors, through everyday choices and personal acts of courage and sacrifice.

Countdown is a video magazine focused on raising awareness of Space Shuttle related process control and safety issues

Bracelet of Bordeaux 

Someone is dognapping the canine citizens of Chem City, Texas! Two pre-teen girls overcome danger and conspiracies as they set out to solve the crime and administer justice with the help of a magical bracelet. As the girls battle the Mob, a punk gang and a crooked cop they learn something about friendship, courage and hanging with the right crowd

Praesidium's Your Boundaries. Your Call!TM is the first comprehensive program specifically designed to teach middle- and high-school youths self-protection skills.

Produced and distributed by NPR

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“Considering the age of some of these tracks , the sound is just remarkable.”

                                                                            -Jim Z "music afficionado"

Audio post-production, sound effects and dialog editing, restoration, music editing, music mastering, broadcast audio ... yes, we can!   To me, it is like putting a puzzle together... or maybe welding, if it isn’t just right you can tell.  Maybe I am too obsessive about it, but so far it has worked for me, here are some examples of the successful projects I have had the fortune to be a part of:

Audio for Video

Houston’s daily live radio broadcast.  Featuring interviews and performances with the top performers and artists in and around Houston.

The Mozart Festival
From Salzburg, Austria, City of Mozart's Birth

The Mozart Festival series of radio programs is comprehensive coverage of one of the world’s most spectacular music events. Location-recorded in Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg, Austria.

Audio Book narrated by Louis Gossett Jr.  released on amazon, itunes,,

Concert Warehouse provides tools, training, networking and resources for the performance industry.